(trays 540x300mm)

SPID rigid plastic seedling plates are made of polypropylene and UV protection. They have the advantage of being durable (reusable for more than 15 years), washable, mechanizable, and ecological (because they are recyclable). It is a reliable, efficient and sustainable production tool. The Danish format is particularly well suited to the production of flower plants (logistics on racks...).

This type
of tray
advantages :

  • The addition of legs allows the trays to be stacked, enabling easy growth and transportation.
  • Easily adapted to all automatic filling and transplanting systems (Danish Size).
  • Designed with smooth walls to allow for complete cleaning and disinfecting, uniform cell filling and perfect crop removal compared to the polystyrene trays.
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • Excellent traceability guaranteed (engravings, colours, bar-codes...).
  • Ensures uniform and more rapid growth in young plant propagation and at the pot transplant stage…

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