(trays 600x400mm)

SPID rigid plastic seeding plates are made of polypropylene and anti-UV. They have the advantage of being durable (reusable for more than 15 years), washable, mechanized, and environmentally friendly (because they are recyclable). It is a reliable, efficient and sustainable production tool. The Euro format is particularly well suited to the production of vegetable plants (mechanization, logistics on Europe pallets...).

This type
of plate
advantages :

  • Easily adapted to all automatic filling and transplanting systems (Euro Size).
  • Excellent traceability guaranteed (engravings, colours, bar-codes...).
  • Designed with smooth walls to allow for complete cleaning and disinfecting, uniform cell filling and perfect crop removal compared to the polystyrene trays.
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • Ensures uniform and more rapid growth in young plant propagation and at the transplant stage.

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